At Bright Pediatric Smiles, we strive to make each patient leave with a happier, healthier smile than when they came in. Our excellent team loves taking the stress out of dental visits for children, even helping them come to enjoy their time with us! With years of specialized training, Dr. Sam knows how to handle any pediatric situation and put any child at ease. Here are some of the things we can do to help your child smile with confidence! Be sure to give us a call and schedule an appointment with us today!


Believe it or not, your child’s dental care starts as early as possible. At home, you can begin by gently wiping their gums after feedings. Once their first tooth appears, brushing becomes a part of their daily routine. When they turn one year old, bring them into our office for their first appointment. At that time, we can answer your questions about teething, their oral development, and ways you can help them avoid decay. We can also give you tips for overcoming non-nutritive habits that could impact their smile as they grow.


It’s important to establish a habit of coming to our office every six months for checkups and cleanings. These appointments are opportunities for your child to learn essential skills for maintaining their smile. Additionally, during these visits, we’ll closely examine their teeth for any early signs of decay or infection and treat issues long before they cause your child pain. Our team will also gently clean hardened plaque or “sugar bugs” away from their teeth, helping them avoid problems in the future.


At Bright Pediatric Smiles, we make every effort to avoid needing to remove natural enamel. That’s why we apply a concentrated fluoride treatment to their teeth after we’ve cleaned them. This mineral strengthens their teeth and makes them more resistant to decay. Even if we find a small cavity, we may not need to use fillings to repair it—silver diamine is powerful enough to kills harmful bacteria and reverse the minute damage caused, allowing us to preserve more of your child’s smile.


While your child learns the proper technique for brushing, the back teeth are particularly vulnerable to getting cavities. The deep grooves in the molars can easily harbor bits of food and bacteria, creating decay. Fortunately, we offer dental sealants, a protective layer of dental plastic. This keeps plaque and acids from reaching the chewing surfaces of these susceptible teeth and prevents nearly up to 80 percent of cavities for up to 10 years!


As a mother of two children, Dr. Sam knows that accidents happen as little ones grow, even when you do your best to avoid them. Whether your child suffers from tooth pain from decay or an injury while playing sports, our team is always ready to lend a helping hand and get them back to their normal selves again. Just contact us and explain your situation, and we’ll make room in our schedule to treat your child’s dental emergency as soon as possible.