Tooth decay is one of the most common occurrences in a toddler’s mouth. Their inability to effectively clean their teeth can make them vulnerable to cavity formations at a young age. While you try your hardest as a parent to make sure their teeth are being brushed and flossed, there are times when the habits you practice at home just aren’t enough. That’s when Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment in Poway can protect your child’s teeth on another level. With this quick and painless application, the chances of cavities decrease, and confidence levels improve. To find out if your child is in need of this type of treatment, call us today to schedule an appointment.


Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved liquid substance that is a topical application used to protect against tooth decay and cavity development. While other dentists treat cavities by cleaning out the infected area and placing a restoration, this method of treatment allows Dr. Sam to treat young patients with a non-invasive solution that stops decay in its tracks.

However, it is important to know that a filling, crown, or another form of restorative dentistry may be necessary to repair your child’s tooth once they are old enough.


Your child’s pediatric dentist in Poway will begin by cleaning your child’s teeth prior to application. It is important that any plaque and tartar be removed before applying the liquid substance, and your child’s teeth will need to be free of debris and fully dried.

Using a small brush, Dr. Sam will apply the fluoride treatment to each tooth that is infected with decay. In a matter of minutes, the solution will be cured to the tooth.

This is a completely non-invasive procedure and will have your child feeling no pain whatsoever, and it can be completed during a regular checkup and dental cleaning, so you don’t have to make a separate trip for treatment.

It is recommended that they not eat or drink for one hour after the fluoride is applied.


Young children who experience any of the following situations may be recommended for Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment:

  • Severe decay that has led to cavity formation
  • Children with special needs
  • Young kids who have a hard time cooperating with various methods of treatment
  • Demineralized enamel results in carious lesions


Fluoride treatment for children in Poway has multiple benefits apart from its ability to slow the progression of cavities and decay. Some of these benefits include:

  • The process itself is completely non-invasive
  • Your child will experience no pain during the application process
  • A safe and effective method of preventing cavities
  • Fast treatment, so you and your child can be on your way
  • Minimizes and even alleviates tooth sensitivity

It is also an extremely beneficial treatment for children with special needs who have a difficult time sitting for the amount of time that is required to treat a cavity.