Developing smiles need support to stay healthy and strong throughout these formative years, and Dr. Sam wants to partner with your family every step of the way. She goes the extra mile to help young patients have enjoyable, positive experiences at the dentist’s office, offering several valuable benefits that you won’t find at the office of just any pediatric dentist near Rancho Bernardo.

Your child’s smile is in
qualified, caring hands.

Dr. Sam aims to preserve
natural form & function.

Come on in! We want you with us
every step of the way.

Digital X-rays emit up to 80%
less radiation.

All children deserve a happy,
healthy smile that lasts.

Expect a predictable, easy
experience with no surprises.



As both a parent and a children’s dentist near Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Sam has firsthand knowledge of how difficult it can be to juggle the various health needs of children over time. That is why she has worked so hard to create a comfortable and calm environment here at Bright Pediatric Smiles! As a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist, she has demonstrated her commitment to continuing education. She possesses an exceptional amount of knowledge that parents can feel confident about. Her patient and gentle demeanor will be a great fit for your son or daughter, whether they’ve just gotten their first tooth or are preparing to attend college soon.


Jennifer Blakely
Dr. Sam and her team made this such an incredible experience. My 2.5 year old has special needs and Dr. Sam and her team were absolutely wonderful! The office was so modern and clean. They were very patient and accommodating and went at his pace. They treated him and us with the utmost respect. All the fine details (the social story, Bob, the stickers and the prizes and adorable animal dental equipment and toys) they put into this experience matter! I can’t say enough great things about this place. I feel so lucky to have found them and highly recommend! If your child needs a dentist, this is your place!
Siarah Castillo
The staff were enthusiastic and very kind. The doctor clearly communicated and was very assuring. Thank you so much. Bring your child here if they are ever hesitant or uncomfortable at the dentist.
Bita Bita
She and her Team are incredible 💕❤️Her office and everything was so much appreciated! My 4 years boy was super happy and loved the greeting and environment. Thank you 🙏 thank you . We had previous teeth cleaning for him and it was never been like this. 🌈💜they are really the best team and dentist. So caring and loving . I had been in almost 5 dental offices for my son and none were treated him as here. Outstanding 🌈🦋🌺❤️🙏💕
Sandy Bradley
WOW! I have been looking for a dentist for my son for a while now . We have already gone to two others , and I can honestly saw Dr. Sam and her entire staff are awesome! They made my son feel safe and welcome. They listen when I told them he wasn’t trusting of dentist and this was the first time he’s left a dentist office with no tears! No tantrums ! He actually said ,” this place is awesome “ Highly recommend! I am truly thankful ladies ! Great job! From us and 7yr. Old
Lisa White
So happy to find a great dentist. Dr. Sam and her staff were great with my kids. My kids 8 to 15 were comfortable and enjoyed their visit. My kids haven't been to the dentist since before COVID. I was worried I would have a dental nightmare. Luckily no big issues and Dr. Sam had great options.
Jenny Hoops
We had such a wonderful experience with Dr Sam and her staff. They were so welcoming and made my 16 month old feel so comfortable 🙂 It was his first time at the dentist and he’s had a tough time with teething and his mouth has been a really sensitive area for him so I didn’t know how it would go. Dr Sam showed him all her tools and he thought they were pretty cool. He let her see in his mouth and clean his teeth. I was so surprised by how well it went. She also gave me some really great info and tips for cleaning his teeth. I highly recommend Dr Sam and her staff! 🙂 Also the office is so cute!
Deanna Duran
I’m so glad that I found Bright Pediatrics Dental and Dr. Sam! My three children ages 7, 6, and 2 were given the best experience a parent could ask for at a dental office. It’s not easy as a parent watching someone work on your child’s mouth but Dr. Sam is very informative and works very well with children. All my children were very nervous going in but they all came out happy. Dr. Sam even made our experience better by making a check up call on my son who had some dental work done earlier that day. Her assistant Leo is very sweet, works well with children and is also very informative. Leo keeps me up to date about our insurance and the care for my children after their dental work. I would definitely recommend this dental office if you are looking for a great experience for your child/children.


Your loved one deserves the best, especially when it comes to their health and general wellbeing. At Bright Pediatric Smiles, we want to help parents feel genuinely confident about entrusting their special teeth to our team’s capable hands.

Our team loves to inspire young patients to smile, both inside and outside of our dental office, in the community where they play and learn every day. You’ll be sure to find Dr. Sam out in the neighborhood on a regular basis, whether she is attending local events or supporting charitable organizations like Give Kids A Smile, which provides millions of underserved children with free oral health care services. If you know of other good causes in the Rancho Bernardo area, be sure to let us know — we would love to get involved!

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