There are endless search results for dental practices near you but you wonder, which one is best for your child so they can get the specialized care they need? You want them to have a positive experience so that they’re inspired to maintain their dental hygiene. Taking them to see a specialist, like a pediatric dentist in Poway that has completed child-centric advanced training, can ensure that they’re getting the highest quality of care and treatment. Read on to learn 5 reasons why taking your child to see a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist is best.

Keeping Your Child Happy

Most children are either leery or scared of dentists because they aren’t sure what to expect. Pediatric dentists go through special training that gives them extensive knowledge and experience when providing care to infants and children. They have developed special techniques that allow them to approach their young patients in a fun and happy way while keeping them calm and putting their worries to rest.

Access To The Proper Dental Tools

While this may sound like a small issue, it’s huge when it comes to the comfort of your child. Pediatric dentists have special child-sized dental tools so that they don’t have to attempt to fit a regular-sized mirror or scaler into their mouth. Your pediatric dentist may even take the time to introduce each small tool to your child so that they get familiar with the process of dental cleanings and checkups.

Trained To Treat A Developing Mouth

Your children’s dentist in Poway is specially trained to provide care to teeth and gums that are still growing. Tackling children’s oral health issues while they’re young is imperative to having a healthy mouth when they’re adults. Getting a professional that can treat children’s tooth decay, cavities, and over-retained baby teeth is vital. Your pediatric dentist is specially trained to spot problems that might develop in the future and prevent them.

Help Your Child Break Bad Oral Habits

Your child may engage in oral habits like teeth grinding and thumb sucking. When left unchecked, these can cause detrimental problems like weakened enamel and misaligned teeth. It can be incredibly difficult to get your young one to break these practices. Your pediatric dentist can give tips and tricks that can help keep their oral habits in check as well as educate them on how those habits are destructive to their smile.

Tailored Care Especially For Your Child

Your pediatric dentist is trained to customize your little one’s dental care according to how they grow. They can help introduce them to specific dental habits that will benefit their smile and give them the best oral health from day one.

With a pediatric dentist, you won’t have to wonder if your child’s getting the specialized care they need. Attending their semi-annual checkups and cleanings may turn into something they look forward to. You can rest assured knowing they’ll be comfortable in the hands of a dentist who has been specifically trained to serve them.

About the Author Dr. Sambath has been serving young patients for over a decade because she’s passionate about giving them the knowledge they need to lead a life with a happy and healthy smile. As a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist, she has completed extensive training and examinations to help treat children. For your child’s semi-annual cleaning and checkup, there’s no better option than your local specialist from Poway. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, visit her website or contact 858-251-3313

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