A loose tooth is as much of a household dilemma as it is a celebration of growth. A scene of total chaos ensues when you walk in on one child slamming the door shut while the other sits there with a piece of dental floss tied around a wiggly tooth. You know you need to step in and help. As a parent, you want to make sure their dental health is in tip-top shape but aren’t sure what’s the best action to take when dealing with a loose tooth. Luckily, your pediatric dentist in Poway lays down the dos and don’ts of pulling baby teeth below.

Don’t: Listen to Old-Wives Tales

You’ve probably heard multiple old-wives tales about how to pull out a loose tooth. From using a pair of pliers to slamming a door with a string attached to it, it shouldn’t take you long to realize that these are not the safest or most sterile ways to get rid of a pesky wiggly tooth. Placing household items in a child’s mouth can introduce extra problem-causing bacteria that could cause infections.

Don’t: Force it Out When it’s Not Ready

Forcing a tooth to come out when it’s not ready can affect its sensitive roots, cause excessive bleeding, or result in an infection. If the tooth is wobbly but still seems attached to the roots, be sure to tell your child to not force it out to minimize the pain.

Do: Wait Until It’s Ready

Wait until the root of the baby tooth dissolves so it can fall out painlessly. Although it may be tempting to dislodge a loose tooth from your child’s gums, letting it fall out when it’s ready is the best way to prevent any issues like excessive bleeding.

Do: Encourage Your Child to Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

If you’re faced with a loose tooth that’s not ready to come out quite yet, encourage your child to make it looser by brushing their teeth more often than they normally would, or eating crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots. These can act as a way to naturally jiggle and dislodge the tooth.

Do: Pull it Out Safely

If you feel it’s time for your child’s tooth to come out, follow these basic steps by your children’s dentist in Poway for a safe and easy process:

  • Wash your hands and wiggle the tooth with a tissue. Twisting it slightly might help the tooth to pop out.
  • Apply pressure and attend to any minor bleeding. This should stop within a couple of minutes.
  • Make sure there isn’t a piece of their baby tooth stuck in their gums. If fragments are left behind, visit your pediatric dentist.

The only step after this is for the tooth fairy to collect the tooth and pay up! Taking basic safety precautions recommended by your dentist for kids in Poway can keep your child from developing oral health problems. Be sure to consult your dentist with any concerns you may have.

About the Author

Dr. Sambath has over a decade of pediatric dentistry experience and is committed to giving each of her young patients a positive visit that encourages them to maintain their oral health. She is a board-certified pediatric dentist and has completed years of child-centric dental education along with rigorous examinations. For any questions about your child’s dental health or to schedule an appointment for a semi-annual checkup and cleaning, visit Bright Pediatric Smiles’ website or contact 858-251-3313.

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