As a parent, your main concern is that your little one has a healthy and fulfilling childhood that sets them up for success in the future. While you probably know that a nutritious diet is great for their overall wellbeing, did you also know that it can have an impact on their mouth? Your son or daughter’s grin is priceless, which is why you’d do anything to preserve it. A pediatric dentist in Poway offers 4 tips about maintaining a nutritious diet to help keep your child’s mouth in tip-top shape below.

Swap Carbohydrates with Fruits and Veggies

Many pre-packaged snacks like potato chips are convenient, but they’re also packed with carbs. These can get trapped in the nooks and crannies of your child’s molars break down into sugar. If they don’t brush their teeth properly after they munch on these snacks, it could turn their mouth into a bacterial breeding ground and cause oral health problems like cavities and decay.

Instead, trying to switch these snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables that have a high volume of water like pears, melon, celery, and cucumbers. Not only is it a healthy option for their body, but fibrous vegetables can also help scrub their teeth of plaque and tartar.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

It’s no surprise that sugary snacks can wreak havoc on your child’s wellbeing along with their teeth. Harmful oral bacteria feed off of sugar, and unless your child is brushing right after they eat, the sugar is left to sit on their teeth and erode their enamel. Try substituting beverages like juices and sodas with water. If you do plan to give your child a treat, it’s best to give it to them with a meal and not as a snack because the time in between meals allows their saliva to rinse away any food debris and bacteria.

Instead of Frequent Snacking, Stick to Eating Meals

Frequent snacking means your child’s teeth will constantly be exposed to sugar and carbs, which will result in plaque buildup. When they don’t give their teeth a break and allow their saliva to rinse these away, it can eat away at their enamel and leave them susceptible to dental decay. If they do snack frequently, it’s important that they brush their teeth afterward to control the number of harmful bacteria and prevent plaque buildup.

Fortify Oral Health With Foods That are Good Sources of Calcium

Calcium can help strengthen your little one’s teeth, so try introducing calcium-rich foods such as milk, broccoli, yogurt, and cheese into their diet. An added plus is that cheddar, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and other aged cheeses also increase saliva production to help rinse away food particles and bacteria.

As a parent, your child’s oral and overall wellbeing is one of your top priorities. You can give them optimal oral health by taking them to their children’s dentist in Poway for their routine checkups and cleanings. Plus, by incorporating nutritious foods into their diet, you can help them have a healthy and bright smile for years to come!

About the Author

Dr. Sambath Tiep loves her job and is committed to providing each child that visits her with a calm, friendly, and fun environment to learn about their oral health in. She has over a decade of experience treating children, and is a board-certified pediatric dentist who is also an active member of 6 professional organizations including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She loves watching her little patients grow up and giving them a healthy smile they can be proud of as an adult. For question or to schedule an appointment, visit Bright Pediatric Smiles’ website or contact 858-251-3313.

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