Parents are often unsure about a lot of things, and that includes when to first take their kid to the dentist. How many teeth need to grow in before they see a pediatric dentist in Poway? Should they wait until all teeth have come in, or just one? Should they go before teeth even start erupting? Read on to learn all about when you should first take your child to the dentist, and how crucial that first visit is.

When Should My Child First See Their Dentist?

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend that your child see a dentist when their first tooth starts to come in or before their first birthday. The first visit isn’t about doing much actual dental work. It’s mainly just to help your little one get comfortable around the dentist’s office so that the next appointment isn’t so scary.

What Happens at This First Visit?

The first appointment with your dentist for infants in Poway accomplishes 3 things:

  • Builds trust by familiarizing your little one with the office environment
  • Lets your child get to know the dentist
  • Allows the dentist to perform a very quick examination of their mouth to make sure everything is going okay

The dentist will look out for things like early signs of decay and other problems that might affect speech or teeth development. They will also let you know the best way to care for your little one’s oral hygiene. If you have any questions about how to make sure your baby’s mouth is clean, now is the perfect time to ask. From this point on, it’s a good idea to see your pediatric dentist every six months.

How Can I Take Care of My Baby’s Oral Health Between Visits?

Here’s how you can make sure your child’s mouth stays happy and healthy:

  • Before your baby’s teeth even start coming in, wipe their gums with a warm wet washcloth to rub away bits of excess food.
  • When their first tooth grows in, begin brushing twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • As soon as your child has two teeth that touch each other, start flossing in between them.
  • Don’t leave your little one with a bottle of milk or juice overnight, as that much exposure to sugar can cause cavities. Leave them with water overnight instead.
  • Make sure their pacifier stays clean.

Hopefully figuring out how to take care of your infant’s mouth isn’t so confusing now! Don’t be afraid to call your pediatric dentist today. It’s never too early to make sure your son or daughter’s mouth is growing up healthy.

About the Author

Dr. Sambath Tiep is a Board-Certified pediatric dentist who has more than a decade of experience treating children and making sure their smiles come in bright. She is a member of several organizations including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the California Pediatric Dental Society. To learn more about how she can help your child have a beautiful smile, contact her on her website or at (858)-251-3313.

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