At Bright Pediatric Smiles, parents can look forward to a modern oral healthcare approach that keeps their child safe throughout each appointment. Dr. Sam is proud to use advanced tools and techniques whenever possible, and she’d even be happy to demonstrate their use to your family during an initial appointment, so everyone feels at ease. Keep reading below to learn more or contact us today in Poway to schedule a visit.


Intraoral cameras can help give kids and their parents an up-close-and-personal look at their growing smiles! The process is simple – we’ll maneuver the camera-tipped wand around the teeth and other oral structures, capturing plenty of high-resolution images that can be transferred to a monitor in the treatment room. Using these, Dr. Sam can also more clearly explain any developmental concerns or signs of damage that need further attention.


X-rays are an extremely important part of pediatric care – after all, there’s a lot of important information about your child’s teeth that can’t be seen on the surface! With digital radiography, this diagnostic process is extremely fast, comfortable, and safe. Unlike traditional film, our technology doesn’t require any darkrooms or hazardous chemicals; the crystal-clear images can be viewed instantly after capture, and your son or daughter only has to sit still for a few seconds. Plus, the amount of radiation they’re exposed to is dramatically reduced by up to 80%.